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SmartAirLA empowers communities to improve their health with technology and data. We are a team of experienced technology entrepreneurs, environmental health, and medical experts who partner with public health agencies, community health organizations, and neighborhood empowerment groups.
Founder and CEO

Ray founded SmartAirLA to empower communities to improve their health and environment with data.  Ray has over two decades of expertise in leading partnerships to advance sustainability and clean technology deployment.  Previous roles include FUSE Executive Fellow for civic innovation at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Executive Director of the US-China Energy Cooperation Program, which was recognized by the Obama Administration as a model of US-China cooperation on climate change.   Ray also was an advisor to the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Chairman of AIG Companies in China, and manager of the World Resources Institute’s clean technology incubator.  In addition, Ray was a correspondent for the Economist Intelligence Unit and the South China Morning Post covering China’s international relations, energy and environmental landscape.   Early in his career, Ray was an AmeriCorps service-learning coordinator in an underserved community in South San Francisco.  A native of Los Angeles, Ray holds a BS in Conservation Resources Studies from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Georgetown University.

  • KaKit P. Hui, MD, Wallis Annenberg Professor in Integrative East-West Medicine and Professor and Director of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine at the Department of Medicine of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
  • Michael Kelly, Executive Director, Los Angeles Coalition for Economy and Jobs​
  • Mala Nanda, Executive Advisor, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services 
  • Dr. Sande Okelo, MD, PhdAssociate Professor of Pediatrics, Chief, Division of Pediatric Pulmonology, Director, Pediatric Asthma Center, ​​David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and the UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Lisa Patel, MDClinical Associate Professor, Stanford Children’s Health, Executive Director, Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health
  • Harper Reed, Senior Fellow, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, Former CTO, Obama 2012 Campaign
  • Ilan Shapiro, MDMedical Director of Health Education & Wellness, AltaMed. Board of Governor, L.A. Care
  • Wayne Silby, Founder, Calvert Investments, Board Member, Calvert Impact Capital, Chair, Impact Assets
  • Ted Smith, Phd, Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Evirome Institute at University of Louisville School of Medicine, Founder of AIR Louisville, Former Louisville Chief Civic Innovation Officer
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